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Location-based stories

Find your friends on the interactive map and view their tagged locations! You can save the locations for when you want to view them later!


Discover new places

Tap on any tagged location to find details on that location. You can view all of your friends who have been there and can even map your route using Uber, Lyft, Google Maps or Waze!

Now available!
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Soundcloud integration

Download any song from SoundCloud and begin recording!
It's never been so easy!

rewiew-1 5-stars

I love the location-based stories and the ability to view location details and add them to my favorites! Super easy to use and user

Jane Cooper
rewiew-2 5-stars

I can find all my favorite music by syncing my SoundCloud library to the app and search for new songs to create amazing video content. It's an all in one app!

Brooklyn Hawkins
rewiew-3 5-stars

I can search for a city or a country and view all of my friends that have visited that place and view their Dots!! I will definitely be able to use this when I'm traveling or planning travels.

Jacob Jones
Now available!
Try Blackdot app for iOS and android
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