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A new way to share stories

Create ‘stories’, tag your location and it’ll appear on the map!

Awesome Features

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Location-based stories

Find your friends on the interactive map and view their tagged locations! You can save locations to favorites for when you want to visit or view them later!

Discover new places

Tap on any tagged location to find details on that location. You can view all of your friends who have been there and can even map your route using Uber, Lyft, Google Maps or Waze!

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About the App

Strike a conversation and pin your friends to the top of the screen in the chat section.


Make new friends and explore videos posted by users on BLACKDOT.


Save a ‘story’ as a DOT so you can keep track of all the places you have been to. You can also search locations by name, city, state or country and find all your friends who have posted DOTS at those locations.

Badges & GOATs

You can now collect BLACKDOT Points and become the GOAT (greatest of all time) of almost any place! Just add a story and post to get started!

Artem Artemiev

Thank you for the great app. Now I have friends all over the world.


This app is very good! You can save memories and chat with your friends and family!

Nickson Onesmo

This app is so fantastic and is not base on location but also bring people together and also sharing of ideas trough chating

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